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Dear Member,

One of the benefits of your membership of the Co-operative is access to the Member Provident Fund which has been carefully structured for the benefit of the employer and their employees.

This Fund was established in April 1990 and was revamped by the current Board of Trustees in January 2003 when it was changed from an audit exempt to an annual audit requirement privately administered fund. The change was bought about to ensure good governance and compliance with the Pension Funds Act.

The current Board of Trustees comprise of farmers (from both the North and South Coasts of KZN), as well as an independent professional Trustee. The Co-operative’s Financial Manager, Devan Naidoo is the Fund’s Principal Officer.

This group of officers of the Fund bring together a wealth of experience, and have carefully moulded the Fund into a considerable value proposition for the employees of those Co-operative members who have chosen to provide their employees with retirement, death and disability Benefits.

We believe that the fund has an excellent offering which is simple and cost effective. Our partner who administers the Fund is Sygnia, which is a JSE listed company.

Joining the Fund is easy and your monthly subscriptions are added to your Coastals statement. You can opt to put all your full time, permanent staff on the fund or just your supervisors or senior employees.

Please click here for a notice that sets out the current parameters of the Fund. Should you require any further information regarding the Fund, please e-mail Devan Naidoo at Alternatively, you are welcome to contact me or any of the Trustees below.

Yours sincerely,

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Jonathan Chennells


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